When you take a trip, you prefer…

All-inclusive packages for get away from it all.

Romantic cities with fabulous architecture.

A friend, a backpack and an adventure!

Wide open spaces and breathtaking views.

What's your dream car?

A sporty race car. Speed is where it’s at!

A minivan to ferry my six kids.

A limo to PARTY all night!

A pickup truck to lend my friends a helping hand.

If money were no object, you’d live…

On a hobby farm with animals.

In the suburbs, in a modern, smart home.

In a big house on a large lot.

In a two-storey penthouse in the heart of downtown.

When you’re in love, you…

Are calm. You look your freedom.

Are methodical. Trust is hard won.

Don’t remember; it’s been too long!

Jump in with both feet. All you need is love.

What kind of evening do you prefer?

A campfire, a guitar and the people I love...

Tranquility. Happiness is curling up on a couch to watch a movie.

The type that never ends. Woohoo!

Sharing a great bottle of wine and dinner with friends.


For over 60 years, Yum Yum Chips has been a Quebec family affair. Once upon a time, two entrepreneurs with a shared passion...

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Sharing the pleasure

Pleasure, like potato chips, is even better when it's shared. That's why Yum Yum welcomes the opportunity to work with partners who are likewise dedicated to its mission: sharing the pleasure.

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Potato Artisans since 1959

Yum Yum has been minding its potato business for over 60 years now. Potatoes are an integral part of our daily lives, and that’s the way we like it!

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