Yum Yum chips is a third-generation, 100% Quebec-based, family-owned company that specializes in processing and distributing delicious potato chips and snack foods. The company operates as part of Aliment Krispy Kernels, which markets over 300 products under the Krispy Kernels, Yum Yum, Viva and State Line brands.

Our mission: share the pleasure

Our corporate values

Our values embody the fun and playful side of the products we produce. They set up the ground rules that guide each of our actions and decisions and ensure we achieve our goals in a congenial atmosphere, where the pleasure our products elicit informs everything we do.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

We play to win.

We leverage passion, creativity and agility every day and strive for excellence in everything we do, to surpass ourselves, perform well and stand out from the competition.

We rely on our employees' talent, commitment and flexibility to make a positive difference and ensure our continued success.


We play fair.

We respect people, their opinions and differences and our commitments to our team members. We listen to our partners, customers and consumers and ensure their full satisfaction by being mindful of our social responsibilities.

We never compromise on the security and quality of our products or business practices.


We put all our cards on the table.

We're committed to honest cooperative relationships, which makes us an open, supportive and diligent team. We’re also dedicated to maintaining a tradition of quality based on authentic products and recipes.

We love sharing the passion for good taste that has made us famous.


We play for the fun of it.


We care about the well-being of our colleagues. That’s why we strive to create a harmonious and productive environment. We work in a friendly atmosphere and together we celebrate our victories, both big and small. Contributing daily to life’s little gourmet pleasures is what inspires and delights us.

Our promise

Our artisans’ know-how and dedication transform potatoes into fabulously unique and high-quality products. At Yum Yum Chips, quality is our top priority and an integral part of our corporate culture. To ensure we deliver the same exclusive and authentic taste that Yum Yum is known for, batch after batch, we've instituted the highest standards and certifications.

A taste for innovation

To the great delight of its customers, Yum Yum Chips has never stopped innovating when it comes to developing chips and snacks. The company’s adventurous spirit is part of its DNA. Many innovations have marked the history of the family business and the industry as a whole. Here are some of the crunchiest:

In 1966, Yum Yum is the first company to sell salt and vinegar chips in Canada.

In 1978, the company develops a secret “all-dressed" recipe.

The crazy idea of mixing all the flavours was conceived in Louis de Gonzague's office.

A completely new flavour sees the light of day: Cucumber and onion. While this flavour is no longer produced, many fans are still requesting it!

In 1985, a light potato chip is launched, a first on the Canadian market. The garden vegetable flavour is launched in 1987.

In 1996, Yum Yum "Fries" are launched, a unique product that many people remember with great fondness to this day.

In 2004, Viva veggie chips are launched. Yum Yum is Canada’s leading manufacturer of this type of chip and continues to innovate in this product line.

In 2016, a line of kettle chips sold in a microwaveable bag is launched. The chips can be eaten warm, as if they were fresh out of the kettle. The product has earned a number of industry accolades.

Also in 2016, launch of a new 1 kg bag, a format never before seen on the market.

Yum Yum for all tastes


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